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31 Oktober 2018 13:10 WIB
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Throughout the history of human civilization, waqf has been able to prove its considerable contribu- tion to religion, humanity, economy and society. Waqf management and development brings positive impact on society if it is administered by waqf goal-oriented nazhir, one of which is managed by Mu- hammadiyah organization. Their assets grows bigger each year by focusing on social program as their main strategy. This study employed normative juridical approach by descriptive analysis. Data source of this research is primary source from interview with the local leaders of Muhammadiyah and waqifs.



Waqf is a part of Islamic philanthropic ac- tivity that significantly contributes to people’s prosperity due its characteristic which is not only limited for asnaf (recipients) like zakat. The success of waqf management and develop- ment strongly depend on nazhir role (waqf ad- ministrators) who must be reliable, honest, fair, highly committed and professional. It is also supported by organization high performance ap- proach as the alternative pattern of waqf util- ization through optimizing some factors such as management quality, openness and action-ori- ented, long-term orientation, sustainability and the quality of employees or administrators.1
Right status of waqf land given by society as wakif (waqf giver) to social and religious in- stitutions automatically only holds right to use without right to disposal since the right of waqf land is drawn out from economic flow. Conse- quently, any property that has been being waqf cannot be alienated or used for collateral and other economic needs.2
Imam as-Shafi’e juxtapose the concept of waqf and the emancipation of slave in which a slave does not belong to the master anymore once they were set free. It is because by giving waqf, the wakif no longer own their properties.3
Muhammadiyah is one of nazhir organizations. It is religious organization that was estab- lished in 1912. As rechtperson, this organization has played its roles along with the existence of Muhammadiyah organization in Indonesia including in regional level, this organization has also managed charity and services.
Muhammadiyah regional leaders as nazhir in running their roles basically try to keep, administer, produce, and manage the result of waqf then distribute it well and fairly to mauquf alaih (waqf recipients).4 The position of Muhammadiyah is as nazhir organization. It is based on Article 7 section (3) of Law Number 41 Year 2004 on Waqf.
Another charity and services which is quite successful comparing to other community organizations is the existence of waqf and pro- perty council that has function as the means of utilizing waqf from society in order to be empowered by regional leaders. Along with the existence of Law Number 41 Year 2004 on Waqf, Muhammadiyah has run the programs that cannot be separated from waqf land matter; therefore, hopefully, waqf as part of Islamic activi- ties is able to increase people’s prosperity.5
The breakthrough empowerment of Muhammadiyah waqf for the benefit of development and sustainability of waqf objects, is im- plemented with the establishment of educational institutions starting from basic to higher level, social community (orphanage and nursing home), and the built of infrastructure with high potential economy such as healthy canteen area etc.
The interesting phenomenon in Muham- madiyah of Cianjur is that the waqifs comes not only from those who domiciled in Cianjur but also from those whose area of lands or waqf objects are outside the region of Cianjur. Moreover, the waqifs are generally dominated by aghnia from community and also community leaders.
Muhammadiyah attempts to implement the Laws Number 41 Year 2004 on waqf which states that waqf is the legal action of waqif to split and/ or hand over some of his/her possessions to be used forever or in the long term based on the necessaries needs for worship on/ or public welfare by sharia.

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