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Lazismu and Remaking the Muhammadiyah's New Way of Philantrophy

Zakiyuddin Baidhawy | Abstract | This study is aimed to analyze the new way of philanthropy by special reference to Lembaga Amil Zakat Infak dan Sadaqah Muhammadiyah (Muhammadiyah Philanthropic Board: hereafter Lazismu); explore the measures taken by Lazismu to promote empowerment and social justice movements by combining charity and entrepreneurship; and understand the motive of the new philanthropy movement initiated by Lazismu. Through the ‘third way’ approach and analysis, this study found that: first, Muhammadiyah, as a non-profit social-religious organization, admits its role as an agent of transformation vis-à-vis the State. Lazismu is able to show its flexibility to adapt to new trends in philanthropy. Lazismu is also able to initiate breakthrough in management of Zakat, Infaq, and Sadaqah and move them beyond charity activities to productive and redistributive activities to promote social justice and equity. Second, Lazismu shows creativity and sophisticated programs exceeding the expectations of muzakki (alms payer), benefactor, and donors. Realization of philanthropy programs developed by Lazismu extends from education development, agriculture development, youth entrepreneurship, and women empowerment, to Masjid based community empowerment. Third, Lazismu combines theology of love, generosity, and voluntarism to produce transformative philanthropy that is successful to alter charity oriented generosity to creative and innovative good deeds.

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