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Fadri Ari Sandi | Abstract | Yogyakarta is a famous city for its slogan "Jogya Berhati Nyaman", but that slogan it has not really be perceived its comfort by all levels of society. Especially for those who have special needs or often called people with disabilities. People with disabilities are a group that often gets discriminated in every activity of life. Not only in society, people with disabilities often get discrimination to get their rights in public service and get a job. The difficulty of access in getting jobs will have a direct effect on their survival. Whereas equality in gaining access to this work is the right of every citizen, not least for the disabilities. So that based on that problem, Muhammadiyah as the largest religious organization in Yogyakarta want to empower the marginalized people (Disabilities). Muhammadiyah in its empowerment uses the strategy of Dakwah Bil-Hal to empower people with disabilities to get out of their handcuff problems. Dakwah Bil-Hal is an empowerment activity that emphasizes concrete actions to solve existing problems. This action aims to be able to raise the praise, dignity, and welfare of marginalized groups (people with disabilities in Yogyakarta). The main purpose of this paper is to explore and analyze Dakwah Bil-Hal that Muhammadiyah does in solving the problem of the disabilities with access to get jobs and how challenges facing Muhammadiyah in its empowerment. Data collection was done by interview, documentation study, and literature study. The result of this research, it is concluded that Muhammadiyah empowerment has succeeded in delivering the disability groups to better economic condition than before. Where is the empowerment strategy that is done by way of; Mentoring of assisted groups, Training and special skills, Granting business loan assistance.

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