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Almisar Hamid | Abstract | In contrast to the country, in which the impetus to organize social welfare efforts in addition to the responsibility of the country, as mandated by the 1945 constitution and the fulfillment of the human rights, in Muhammadiyah other than such encouragement, it is also encourage by the call of Islam which is also concerned with the humanitarian issues such as paying attention to the poor, orphans, abandoned children, widows, and others are noble deeds and will granted benefits from God both in the world and in hereafter. Surah Al-Ma‟un (the 107th sura, meaning; „Small Kindness) in the Qur‟an is very famous in Muhammadiyah which reminds Muslims not to abandon the orphans and the poor because to do so they are ultimately being a religious deceiver. The good in the world is happiness through the increase of rezqi(sustenance) and feeling. While the goodness in afterlife that Allah promises is the heaven or eternal happiness after death. Based on this encouragement, Muhammadiyah members in various regions in Indonesia are competing to organize social welfare efforts, mainly services. The type of social welfare services that are established are many such as; social protection houses or social institutions to care for orphans and/or poor children. It also established social houses for poor or abandoned elderly. It is just in management, there are still many whom not yet progressed. Among other things are lacks of social worker with social welfare education.

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